A short Recap of Taiwan: Instagram Photos (II)

Hello all,

Before my final FINAL reflection post, let recap my adventure in Taiwan with another Instagram photos post (mainly the photos of foooooooooooood). So here we go againnnnnnnnnnn.

(P.S. In case you’re wondering where Part (I) is)

1. The ahhhhhhmazing night market culture of Taiwan


We really enjoyed this interesting experience! It was albeit too much for us (except YY. hahahhaa) by the last few days of our trip, but we pretty much enjoyed the yummy and innovative street food available at the night market. Not forgetting the insanely squeezy experience we had at Shilin Night Market. Overall, it was indeed an eyeopener. I can proudly say I visited Taiwan, since we visited their ICONIC NIGHT MARKETS. And we also covered quite a few of their famous night markets; Ruifeng, Raohe, Liouhe and Shilin to name a few 🙂



Long awaited seafood dinner @ Cijing Island, Kaohsiung // Mushroom Feast @ Xinshe Flower Exhibition, Taichung // Famous Fruit ‘Ice Kachang’, Taiwan Style @ Kaohsiung // Bear Paw Burger @ City God Temple Night Market, Hsinchu // Taiwan Beer, Taiwan Chips, Taiwan Instant noodle; it’s all about TAIWAN 🙂

3. The most adorbs animals in Taipei Zoo


Paul & friends (Penguins) // Raphael & Friends (Rhino) // Fiona & her babes (Flamingo) // Morgan & family (Monkeys) // Po, the legendary Kungfu Panda 😀

4. Shuwen and I at our favorite shopping place: SASA // Ximending, Taipei


Dearest Shuwen, am so thankful to have you with me in this trip. You’ve no idea how glad I am to have spent these 12 nights with you. Memories forged and I will always remember this shared moment I had with you (and of course the guys tooz. laughs). Thank you my dear , xoxo.

5. The MUST TRY brekkie: Fu Hang Dou Jiang


We woke up like super early (okay, maybe not super, early that is) for this! Braved the storm (laughs), traveled all the way to Shandao Temple Station, and queued for a while for it. It’s gooooooood, and I guess it’s worth the effort for you to have this brekkie. A good breakfast will start your day on a good note, so do check it out when you’re there.

6. Once again, the HARD TO RESIST FOOD, this time in Taipei!


Pepper Bun @ Raohe Street Night Market // Ah Zhong Mian Xian @ Ximending (They also have a sub-branch at Shilin Night Market)// Mister Donuts!!!! // Grandma’s Lai Taro Balls @ Jiufen // Formosa Zhang Braised Meat Rice @ Houshanpi Station (They have many branches around Taipei and probably Taiwan too, do check the place out!)

7. Tamsui aka Danshui 


The place was indeed beautiful despite the long journey over. Enjoyed Danshui Old Street as much as strolling by the habour, an experience that will not be forgotten 🙂

8. Tamsui Fisherman’s Wharf & Love Bridge


Another amazing sight of Taiwan! The place to visit when you’re at Taipei. Not just because it is famous, it is a beautiful architecture not to be missed! (P.S. Really love the panorama function of the phone camera. Teeheeeeeeeeee)

9. Journey from Jiufen to Shifen


Visited Jiufen twice when we were in Taipei! Went there on both gloomy and sunny day, and it is another must visit attraction if you’re in Taipei. ALL the tourists will visit this place, I’m sure you do not want to be left out! They have a beautiful old street in Jiufen and breathtaking view from the peak. But please avoid this place on a weekend, you will enjoy it a lot more if the place is not crowded.

Shifen is another iconic attraction in Taipei/Taiwan. A place where you can lit up the Sky Lantern, another activity that everyone do when they visit Taiwan!



Yes I know, it must be torturous seeing such good food at this timing, but oh well. Laughs. Without doubt, when you’re in Taiwan, it’s all about F E A S T I N G. Like it or not, you will probably eat quite a bit. I don’t think anyone is in the right mind if they don’t eat in Taiwan…Hmmmmm. But anyhoo, please do not miss our all the good food there! Diet can wait when you’re back to Singapore 🙂 Above are food from my last 3 days in Taipei.

Will be back for my FINAL reflection post. Before that, have a goooooooood Friday, as it’s the last day of the week (SAY YAYYYYY).


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