Happy 2013!

A new year, a new beginning.


2012 was a year filled with countless of ups and downs for me, I gained some, I lose some. But on a whole, I did learn a lot in this short span of a year. I’m thankful for everyone who once crossed or have crossed my path, the memories created will definitely be cherished dearly by me.

“Sometimes you have to experience the lows because it helps give you the new perspective on life. And sometimes the right perspective makes all the difference.” -My favorite quote from the latest short by Wongfu Productions

The operation earlier in 2012 made me realized life is no doubt unpredictable. Expect the unexpected, that’s all I can say. More often, you will be faced with situation you will never expect, but that’s life for you and me. It taught me a lot, and allowed me to be who I am now. Am also grateful to my family and friends (especially Simitaiji) for all the support they have provided me with during the difficult period, without their help, I would not have recovered that quickly; Thank You, from the bottom of my heart.

Turning 21 is probably one of the significant milestone for me in 2012. Even though it’s just another birthday of mine (just another day for every other people), I personally feel this is really an age which determines my adulthood. A year wiser, a year more mature and a year in which I could control my emotions better.

2013 will be a year I really look forward to! I can’t wait to fill up as many posts as possible in this humble travelogue of mine. Gonna start planning for my graduation trip soonest, and I’m all hyped up for it! Really love to travel to as many places as I can (Aussie, SEA, Korea and many many many more), and to share my experiences with everyone out there.

Meanwhile, look forward to my remaining posts on Taipei soon!

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