A short Recap of Taiwan: Instagram Photos (I)


before I embark on our remaining journey in Taiwan, this post will recap my first six days of Taiwan adventure with photos taken on my Instagram! (P.S. I really really love Instagram, it’s probably the best invention ever, also my favorite application, and prolly the only app I use all the time. Teehee)

Gonna caption the photos!

Waiting for the High Speed Rail (HSR) from Taoyuan to Kaohsiung (This is our 7am face, not too bad I supposed? laughs)IMG_4892

My first train ride with Shuwen, looking all excited for the next 12 days with her!IMG_4881

Here we are at Kaoshiung, we were trying our luck with the public bicycle rental!IMG_4943

THE Xinguang Ferry Wharf which we took forever to find. LaughsIMG_4944

Dream Mall in Kaohsiung, the fantasy of little children, not very suitable for young adults like us I guess. HahahaIMG_4945

Our second day in Kaohsiung, we were happy kids at the Lotus River! This was also taken after we walked for like the longest time to reach the destination.IMG_5025

Here are my fellow comrades with more photos at the Lotus River Attraction!IMG_5027

The Takao Railway Museum which was beautifully captured by the panorama function in my phone. TeeheeIMG_5029

The three of them were all excited when they saw Sunshine’s (their fellow project group mate and my dear classmate) name on the bus!IMG_5030

The amazing architecture at Formosa Boulevard Station in Kaohisung!IMG_5034

The night market in Kaohsiung: Liouhe and Rueifeng! Two very different night market with their unique features! DO visit them!IMG_5261

On the Taiwan Railway Administration (TRA) to our next city in Taiwan: Taichung City!IMG_5077

Finally get to shop in Taiwannnn, we were all happy with the loots of the day, posing in front of Taichung Park!IMG_5087

On our way to the adventure in Taichung City: Xinshe!IMG_5128

Day two in Taichung at the chilly Xinshe flower exhibition, nothing fantastic about the place, but it sure looks good on photos!IMG_5124

Another pretty panorama photo taken by the phone, at the annual Xinshe Flower ExhibitionIMG_5130

Us posing in front of the iconic Xinshe Castle! IMG_5125

More photos at Xinshe Castle, not a very big place, so do not expect too much from it okay? Laughs IMG_5131

Here we are at my favorite place in Taiwan: Nantou County, the surroundings of our beautiful Homestay (Minsu)!IMG_5170

A beautiful photo taken at Cingjing Farm in Nantou, the view there is breathtaking!IMG_5204

The sheep are roaming around freely waiting to be fed by tourists (like us)!IMG_5205

Nantou is definitely a MUST visit place, how can anyone resist such magnificent view?IMG_5203

Us in front of Lavender Cottage @ Hsinchu!IMG_5258

LOL at Joseph’s pose, he is no doubt a really good poser…laughsIMG_5259

The Lavender Cottage at Hsinchu! (They have 2 other Lavender Cottages in Taiwan: Taichung & Miaoli)IMG_5260

The famous ‘Bear Paw burger’ at City God Temple Night Market! Looking for something different? Do check this out!IMG_5262

The local delicacies we ate in Taiwan! In Taiwan, it’s really all about the food. We eat and eat and eat and eat and eat NON STOP. LaughsIMG_5272

And this marks the short recap of my first six days in Taiwan: Kaohsiung, Taichung, Nantou and Hsinchu (Instagram rocks big time right? laughs) Will be back for my adventure in Taipeiiiiiiiiiii. Adios!

lots of love, Amantha!

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