Taiwan: The Final Reflection


Till now, I actually can’t believed I went on this Taiwan trip with the gang. It was a pretty impromptu trip, as they only thought of going for this trip in late September’12 (And it was a really really RANDOM suggestion by Jo and YY), when school officially ended for them, and we were preparing for our exams then. The guys wanted to go on a graduation trip and VOILA, before we know, they started recruiting their fellow travel buddies. Laughs. Their spontaneity never fails to surprise me mans! 

I was pleasantly surprised when they proposed a 13 days trip to Taiwan, as it was my first time traveling with my fellow peers, and a 13 days duration seemed really really long.  But when you’re there, 13 days passed as soon as you even realized  I felt a two weeks trip to Taiwan is just right if you want to explore a few cities, it might not be enough if you do not want to rush and all 🙂


Planning started as soon as the numbers were confirmed, we decided on the dates and duration of our trip and booked our tickets soon after. Also, we roughly decided on the cities to visit and our accommodation during our study break! So thankful for the internet and travel search engines, like Agoda.com and Tripadvisors.com (I can’t imagine how life would be like without technology!! laughs), we managed to settle all important admin things before our examinations.

The actual planning of itinerary was done only after our exams (after 7th November), and we only had less than a week to prepare our scheduled flight was on the 15th! In between I was busy preparing for my 21st, so we actually barely had enough time to plan for our itinerary. But we somehow manage too put our info together for our itinerary. And TADAAH, we survived there! Actually there are also travel guides when you’re in Taiwan, where they have information on the places of interests and attractions to visit, which is readily available at the visitors center in every cities, so be sure to get a copy at each city you visit!

(One of my favorite group shot taken at Cijin Island – Kaohsiung – with my fellow comrades. Teeheeee)


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(P.S. So do take a look at it if you’ve missed out any, the first few days are filled with more photos as compared to the last few days. laughs)

I think I thanked them like too many times, but it’s our first and probably our only trip overseas together, so am glad to have forged these beautiful memories with you guys:

  • Shuwen, my dearest girlfriend and my avid reader of the travelogue (she claims to be my #1 fan. hehe), THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING. I really enjoyed myself with you during the full 13 days, regardless if it’s the heart to heart talks, the shopping trips, the random talks, or every other things. You’re always so nice and accommodating, somehow we have never ending of things to talk about! This Taiwan adventure would not be made possible without you, so thank you once again.

  • Joseph, the mastermind for the trip. Thank you for your spontaneity, without it, I would have missed out so much, and I would not be able to see the beautiful Taiwan. You guys were really awesome navigators (despite us walking quite a bit during the first few days in Taiwan. laughs), army have taught you well! laughs. Lastly, continue your whacky post, those were definitely entertaining, and will be memories that will go a long way. So, thank you for everything!

  • Yongyi, my dear YY, our leader of the pack! laughs. Thank you for everything too, glad that I get to speak to you more during this trip. Before this, it was usually all about school, projects and assignments, this time was something different, so am glad for the trip that made it happened. Not forgetting your navigation skills with Jo, Kudos to the both of you for that! Thank you you.

Finally, it was an amazing and awesome 13 days; so Thank you, Taiwan.

This post also marks the end of my travelogue in Taiwan! Will be back for more of my other adventures as soon as I can.